Windows 10 activation error 0xc004f050 is one of the more common issues people face when trying to activate their copy of Windows. The issue will usually appear when using the Windows Activation wizard and will display a more detailed message: “The product key you entered didn’t work. Check the product key and try again, or enter a different one. (0xc004f050)

Here are some reasons why you see this activation error:

  1. The product key you type is incorrect or invalid.
  2. This problem may occur if the license validity interval has expired, or if the license is not signed correctly.
  3. You have upgraded to Windows 10 but the activation server is busy.
  4. You may have done major hardware changes to your computer before the update. Otherwise, Windows 10 can activate itself without this error code.
  5. There is an issue with some very important system files either missing or misconfigured.

Tip: The Windows 10 license is tied with hardware that is originally installed on the machine. So if you are changing either the CPU or motherboard it can cause 0xc004f050.

How can you get rid of the error code? Solutions are simple and let’s see them from the following part.

Possible Solutions to Fix Activation Error 0xc004f050 Windows 10

Re-Enter Your Product Key

One of the main causes of this particular activation issue is an incorrect or invalid product key. The first step we should take is confirm the key and ensure that this is correct. Simply re-enter the product key using the steps below.

Step 1: Go to Start > Settings > Update & Security.

Step 2: Under the Activation window, click Change product key.

Step 3: Enter your product key and click Next.

Step 4: Finish the activation by following the on-screen guide.

Run the Activation Troubleshooter

To fix 0xc004f050, you can try Windows Activation Troubleshooter. Just go to the Activation tab, click Troubleshoot, and then Windows will detect activation problems to fix them.

Activate Windows by using the automated telephone system

If you can confirm that the license you are using is definitely correct, you can try another way to activate the system and that is to use the telephone system.

To activate Windows by telephone, you must use an automated telephone system.

To activate Windows by using the automated telephone system, follow these steps:

  1. Click Start, and then click Computer.
  2. Click System properties on the toolbar, and then click Click here to activate Windows now in the Windows activation section.
  3. Click Show me other ways to Activate.
  4. Click Use the automated phone system, and then follow the instructions.

Run DISM and System File Checker

If there is an issue with some very important system files either missing or misconfigured you can run a couple of commands to attempt to fix them.

Open Command Prompt as an administrator and execute the following command:

Run command : sfc /scannow


It will run the System File Checker.

Run Command DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth


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