Is 5g safe

5G Technology is currently being rolled out all over the world and there’s some major hype surrounding this new generation of cellular technology and speeds it will bring. However, as with every innovation, its release does come with a bit of trepidation. Questions are being raised like Is 5G safe? and whether or not the correct information on its safety is readily available.

Although the current consensus on the safety of 5G is that the technology is safe for use, the scientific community is not fully convinced. There are no known ongoing studies of the safety of 5G. However, there is a considerable amount of research dedicated to radio-frequency and its potential effects on the body.

So why are people afraid of 5G? The answer to this question is one word – Radiation. All of our connected devices emit radio frequency electromagnetic energy at various wave lengths. Devices such as your mobile phone, microwave and Television all use low frequency wavelengths. The frequencies that are used by these devices are referred to as non-ionising which are considered not strong enough to cause any health effects. On the other end of the electromagnetic spectrum like the light rays from the sun or from XRay machines are much more powerful and is referred to as Ionising.

In the electromagnetic spectrum, there’s a very special barrier at the wavelength that is caused by the sun. This is the barrier between “ionising radiation” and “non-ionising radiation“, which means it’s the barrier between cancer and non-cancer. Any radiation with a higher frequency than sun light can cause damage by ripping electrons away from atoms and do some real damage to DNA. Exposure to a large amount of this radiation can introduce errors to your DNA and can cause the growth of some diseases such as Cancer.

Fortunately, the 5G radiation that is caused by 5G technology is non-ionising which is not dangerous to the health of humans.

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