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When you go to save a document in Microsoft Office 365, the default location is set is to save to OneDrive instead of the local computer or a network share. You may still be using Network drives or prefer to save to a different location locally on your PC by default. Thankfully, whether you use the apps with an Office 365 subscription or the standalone version, such as Office 2019 or Office 2016, and you store files locally, it’s possible to set “This PC” as the default location to save documents on your device.


  • Open an Office App such as Microsoft Word
  • Go to File and then Options
  • Select the Save tab on the left
  • Tick “Save to Computer by default”
Microsoft Office setting the default save location to "This PC" instead of OneDrive

Once you’ve completed the steps, every time you click on the save button (or use the Ctrl + S keyboard shortcut), the “Save As” experience will open to save a document directly to “This PC.”


For whatever reason Microsoft did not include this setting in the MS Office ADMX templates so instead we have to use a Registry Preference policy.

  • Open the Group Policy Management tool and either create a new policy or edit and exiting one.
  • Expand User Configuration => Preferences => Windows Settings => Registry
  • Right-click in the area on the right and select New => Registry Item
  • Set the action as Update
  • Leave the Hive as HKEY_CURRENT_USER
  • Set to Key Path to Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\16.0\common\general for Office 2016, or Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\15.0\common\general for Office 2013
  • Set the Value name to PreferCloudSaveLocations
  • Set the Value type t0 REG_DWORD
  • Set the Base to Hex
  • Set the Value data to 00000000
  • Click OK
  • Run a GPUpdate or wait for the policy to refresh.
Microsoft Office setting the default save location to "This PC" instead of OneDrive

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