iCloud restore

Have ever discovered that you have accidentally deleted an item on your apple device, such as a Contact, Calendar entry or bookmark. The ability to do an iCloud restore and get the information back used to be a problem that required a lot of time and effort and was never guaranteed. Apple has added the ability to restore your data from iCloud’s own internal backup system, giving you peace of mind and an easy way to get the data back. Apple iCloud by default keeps all deleted content stored for a definite time period of 30 days.

Whether you’ve unexpectedly lost or maybe accidentally deleted iCloud contacts, calendars, or bookmarks, follow along below for how to do an iCloud restore.

  • Sign in to your iCloud account – iCloud.com using your apple id and password
  • Tap on Account Settings
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Advanced section
  • Click on the option “Restore Calendar” or “Restore Bookmarks” depending on the content you are looking to restore
  • Choose the available archive to restore.

Please note that if you do an iCloud Restore the restored content will overwrite the existing content across all of your synced devices.

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