SSL certificate on your Citris Netscaler appliance.

Follow the steps below to update your SSL Certificate on your Citrix Netscaler VPX appliance. In the below example i have used Version 10 as I have recently had to follow this process myself because one of my certificates had expired. At first the task seemed a little daunting but in the end the process was actually quite easy.

Your first step will be to log into your Citrix Netscaler appliance.

The default username and password will be –

Username -nsroot

Password- nsroot

Under the configuration tab browse to Traffic Management -> SSL -> Certificates

Netscaler Certificate

To install certificate you will need a signed certificate and a private key. Enter a name for your Certificate Key Pair. As a practice I key the name of the certificate pair, certificate and key the same.

Citrix Netscaler Certificate

One you have installed your certificate successfully you will now need to bind the certificate to your Netscaler gateway

Citrix Gateway Certificate

Edit the current VPN virtual server and select the current server certificate to bind your new certificate


Netscaler Certificate update

Your certificate should now be installed and bound to your Netscaler gateway. Ensure you test connection from various browsers from a machine external to your network.

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