clipboard history

The newest version of Windows 10 lets you store your clipboard history and recall a previous copied entry with a simple keyboard shortcut of the Windows key + V. You can now copy + paste up to 25 saved items. No more having to only copy/paste one at a time!

How to Enable:

1.     You can simply pres the windows key and V and you can then press enable.

Alternatively, click the Windows Start icon at the bottom left of your screen and search for Clipboard, selecting Clipboard Settings:

2.      Turn on Clipboard History:

How to Use the new feature:

1.      Copy items as per normal (eg Ctrl + C or Right click + Copy)

2.      To Paste click the Windows key + V
– A small window will pop-up with the most recent item at the top of the list
– Left click on the item you wish to paste

Note: Oldest item in your list will disappear when you hit 25 items

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