What is SVCHOST.exe

Have you ever come across a mysterious process SVChost.exe sitting in your Windows task manager and asked yourself ‘What is this process called svhost.exe? Is it important? an Why is it taking up so many resources?’. The svchost.exe .exe process, in particular, can sometimes be found running numerous times and start taking up some valuable resources. When troubleshooting an issue this can raise some alert to pay attention to this immediately.

What is this odd process?, and can you end this process?

The simplest answer to this question is a definite, “NO!” Do not force any of the svchost.exe processes to stop! This Windows process is essential for Windows to function.

What is svchost.exe?

If you read a little into the name you can quickly gather that svchost.exe is a process that simply hosts a service. To explain this more technically, svchost.exe is used to group together services that need access to shared windows libraries so that they can run more efficiently in one process to save on resources. This is why you might see many different instances of svchost.exe in task manager and often taking up ram and CPU usage.

Take a look yourself

Take a look at yourself to see what processes are running under svchost.exe. You can do this by holding down Ctrl + Shift + ESC. Make sure you’re looking at the Advanced view by clicking “more details” at the bottom if it’s there. Make sure you’re looking at the Processes tab. Then, sort the processes by name and scroll down to “Windows processes.” You’ll then see all the processes called “Service Host” and what they’re all doing.

The bad side of SVCHOST

Unfortunately, svchost.exe can have a bad side to watch out for. Even though in most cases, Svchost.exe is safe, there is a strong risk that hackers can infiltrate the system with the malicious version of the process or aim to infect svchost.exe to bury their processes within system-critical ones, so you can’t simply nuke the process. If this occurs it is recommended that you run a good antimalware program to do a full scan of your computer. This will hopefully find the problem and clean it up for you.

Svchost.exe is a required system component and Windows will simply not run without it. Svchost can almost seem like it is taking over your task manager and it can raise concern to see so many instances running at one time. It’s important that you understand that they are there for a reason and they are there to do a job so it’s a good idea to leave them be.

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