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A Solid-State Drive sometimes called an SSD, is a type of storage device that uses non-volatile memory to hold and access data. Unlike the older style hard drives that use an arm that scans across a bunch of spinning magnetic platters to read and write data, an SSD drive simply uses a whole heap of memory chips stored on a microchip board.
The lack of moving parts means that solid state drive generate less heat, which means a longer lifespan and increased reliability. They run silently and use less power than a standard hard drive which results in lower energy costs and, for laptops, increased battery life. These are great benefits for using an SSD but ultimately the main benefit is that they are a lot faster. A solid state drive has access speeds of up to 100 microseconds, which is about 100 times faster than a traditional hard drive. Because data can be accessed more quickly, programs can run more efficiently even if they require a significant amount of data.

solid state drive

In most cases with a modern PC, the speed of all other components has improved to the point where the speed bottleneck has become the mechanical hard drive.  Replacing this with an SSD drive can result in a noticeable improvement in overall speed and user experience.
With available storage capacities of over 2 TB, SSDs have become suitable replacements for standard hard drives in both desktops and laptops. They also work well for netbooks and other applications that don’t require a significant amount of storage and require components to be more slimline and more light.

Large solid state drives can be expensive though. In most cases it is a good idea to purchase a smaller SSD to use as your system c: drive where your operating system and programs are run and purchase a larger regular hard drive to store your data. Even better you may opt to use cloud storage for all of your important documents and photos. SSD drives will eventually see the end of life to the older style mechanical hard drives. SSDs are becoming common with most systems on the market today. If you are in the market for a new PC or laptop, it is highly recommended that you look at options with an SSD.

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  1. […] What is an SSD Hard drive? The Solid State Drive (SSD) device is the new standard found in most newer PCs and laptops and solves all flaws that came with the standard HDD. With no moving parts they are less likely to break when dropped, they have faster read-write speeds and will last longer. The downside is the price and can be expensive.  When deciding on a storage option its a good idea to consider 2 hard drives.  A smaller SSD drive (100GB -250GB) dedicated to your operating system and program files and a second larger traditional mechanical hard drive for your files, music and photos. […]

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