Sonicwall client certificate

Unable to access the SonicWall Management GUI after enabling Client Certificate Check

Web Management Settings

When Enable Client Certificate Check option is active and the certificate option is self signed under System | Administration on the SonicWall GUI your web browser may deny access to the SonicWall since the Certificate cannot be authenticated against its store. This will result in an inability to manage the SonicWall via the GUI.

In order to disable the Client Certificate Check option you will have to login through the Command Line Interface (CLI) and manually disable it.


1. Login to the SonicWall via the CLI.

If you’re unfamiliar with this process please see How to login to the SonicWall UTM appliance using the Command Line Interface.

2. Enter Config Mode and disable the Client Certificate Check by following the steps below.

Type “config” and press Enter.

Type “no web-management client-certificate-check” and press Enter.

Type “commit” and press Enter.

3. Flush the Cache on your Web Browser and attempt to login to the SonicWall Management GUI.

From this point there should be no issues with logging in, although your Web Browser may alert you that the website you’re going to is using a Self-Signed Certificate. If so you can add an exemption for the SonicWall’s Certificate through the browser itself, which will then add the Certificate to the internal store.

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