sending Computer for repair

 The will come a time when you may be required to send your PC or laptop to a computer technician or a repair shop because of issues that are beyond your ability to resolve. If you have done all you can and it has been checked for software problems and you have exhausted all of your options it can be the only other option available. Here are the things you need to consider before sending the computer for repair.

Is your computer even worth fixing?

Firstly consider if the machine is worth fixing given the relatively low cost of modern computers? These days the bill for a major repair can easily add up to half the cost of a brand new replacement computer, and sometimes even more. Cost to repair vs Upgrade could be a deciding factor. If the cost to repair will amount to $150 to $200 you may be able to find a slightly better machine new or second hand for around $400.

Backup your data

Usually, there is no threat to your data when sending your computer for repair. In most cases, the actions performed by the repair techs have little risk of data loss. But there’s always the possibility. If it is possible, try and backup up your data to an external hard drive.

Remove any sensitive data

If you take your computer to a shop, the tech(s) who works on it will have full access to everything stored on your hard drive. And yes, some of them will snoop around. If you have sensitive files on there that you absolutely want to keep private, you might decide that you’d rather just buy a new computer instead of making those files available to a stranger.

Use a reputable business

You need to be careful with who you trust with your things. Make sure to do your homework first. Choosing someone reputable and credible is of paramount importance. While you might be drawn to those with the lowest costs or who can fit you in immediately, we recommend you thoroughly research whoever is responsible for your IT repair. Check out their length of service, previous customer testimonials and qualifications.

Make sure you have all your software keys

Not strictly a safety or privacy matter, this is still worth mentioning. The repair shop is not responsible for preserving your programs like Microsoft Office, Photoshop, or even your operating system like Windows or Mac. They will try, but if it comes down to having to reinstall your software, it’s your responsibility to have everything needed to do so.

Make Your Computer Accessible

It is likely that the repair professionals have to boot the PC multiple times. Instead of sharing your password with them, it would be a good idea to disable Windows’ login Password. Or if you are happy to temporarily change your password you reset it and give the technician a different password.

Provide a thorough description of the problem

You might have already explained to the IT repair technician the nature of the problem, but there’s not always a guarantee that the person you spoke to will be the same person repairing. Write down a detailed description of the problem and give as much information as possible, including when it started. Include the problem description with your laptop or computer to avoid the risk of any confusion and so the technician knows exactly where to start looking to diagnose the repair.

Now that your computer is prepared for the repair job, you can send it over to your chosen computer repair service. They’ll take care of the rest.

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