TZ300 Sonicwall set up

Sonicwall TZ300 Setup

Instructions on how to set up your Sonicwall TZ300 out of the box.

Connect to Sonicwall with Ethernet cable from your PC to port X0 (Lan)

Open browser and type

In these instructions we will choose to set up our Sonicwall manually

If you cannot access the page you may need to change TLS setting within your browser settings

Login using default

Username – admin

Password – password

You can reset this password immediately under System -> Administration

Connect Sonicwall to modem via X0 Wan port

Configure your WAN port

Your options will be

  • Static IP address – Common for rouiter based connections
  • DHCP – your ISP automatically assigns you a Dynamic IP address
  • PPoE – Your ISP provided you with a username and password.  This is common for most DSL connections
  • PPTP- You are provided with a server IP address, username and password

Register and Licence Sonicwall

Log in to

  • Under My products select Register Product
  • Enter Serial number, Friendly Name and authentication code which can be found on the Firewalls web console under System -> Status
  • Once you have registered the Device open the device from the list of registered products and find the registration code.
  • Copy this registration code to the firewall’s web console under System -> Status

After setup is complete and all configuration changes have been made please ensure that you make a backup by exporting settings.  You can do this by going to System -> 

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