reset Cisco switch

If you work in networking, to rest a Cisco switch to factory settings is one of those tasks you will often need to do. Whether its an existing switch you can log into or an inherited switch you do not have the password, the below guide will help you reset your Cisco 2960 series switch to factory defaults.

If you can log into your switch.

Step 1 : Connect to your switch via a console cable and connect to the console.

Step 2 : Use the following commands to reset the Cisco switch to factory defaults

Router: en
Router#erase startup-config
answer “y” to confirm, then
Router# del flash:vlan.dat (needed to remove vlans)

Step 3: Reload the switch – Router# reload

If you cannot log into your switch

Step 1: Connect up your console cable and connect to the console. Power on the switch, whilst holding down the “mode” button:

Reset Cisco Switch

This interrupts the boot process before the Flash file system can initialise, and after a short while (continue holding the “mode” button) you will see the following prompt:

Reset Cisco Switch

Step 2 : Type command line – flash_init

Reset Cisco Switch

Step 3 : Use the following 2 command to delete configuration files

del flash:config.text

del flash:vlan.dat

Step 4 : reload the Switch by using the “boot” command

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