PowerApps Scan Barcode

I was recently working on a PowerApps Scan Barcode inventory app where I could scan a number of barcodes for a collection. This allowed me to perform a bulk update on the collected barcodes.  For each item that was scanned, the app performed a lookup and would match an existing item from a SharePoint list. 

But what if one of these items was for some reason not in the SharePoint list? I spent a lot of time trying to find a solution whereby if the scan was not found in the SharePoint list it will force the user to create the item by sending them to a new screen where the item can be created.

PowerApps Scan Barcode App

Here is the Solution –

The formula for Button’s OnScan property :

If( !IsBlank( LookUp( colScannedItems, Value = BarcodeScanner2.Value )), Notify(“Scanned Barcode Already Exists”), If( IsBlank( LookUp( ‘Asset Database’, ‘Asset Number’ = BarcodeScanner.Value)), Collect( colScannedItems, {Value: Value(BarcodeScanner.Value)}); Navigate(Screen2) ));

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