office error 1935


When installing Microsoft Office it runs to approximately 80% then fails with an Error 1935 and begins a rollback of the installation.

Possible solutions to Office Error 1935

Possible Solution 1

For those that are also experiencing office error 1935 and are hoping for an easy and exact solution than an Office or OS reinstall, the most possible solution and what solved it for me was deleting the registry key  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\AppModel

In 90% of forums and case studies, this solution has proven to have worked.  Deleting this will not have any negative effects on your system.

Possible Solution 2

1. Confirm no prior versions of MS Office are installed. It is suggested that you run the Office Uninstall Tool
( This tool may need to be run multiple times until it is confirmed the computer does not have a version of Office installed )

2. Download and run the .NET Framework repair tool

3. Reboot

4. Try the installation of OFFICE again.

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