Windows 10 startup folder

Do you use your computer for only a couple of main purposes and live in just a couple of select programs that need to be open at all times? You can launch these programs automatically after starting your windows computer to save you time by using the Windows 10 startup folder. If you always open a particular program or program after starting your computer then you can make that program or programs open automatically when you start your computer. Not only programs but you can also make a file such as a word document, PDF document, audio song, video song, etc. or any other file that you want or even a folder containing files to open automatically when you start your computer.

Follow the below procedure to automatically launch programs, files and folders that you want when windows starts:-

If you work with the same apps or launch the same websites on a regular basis, then use these steps to get them started automatically as you sign in to your Windows 10 account.

► Using the Windows search bar type “run”

► This will open a Run box. Here we will simply type shell:startup

► In the Windows Startup folder that opens, copy and paste the shortcut of the program or programs that you want to launch when the computer starts. You can also copy and paste those files and folders that you want to launch on computer startup. You can put as many programs, files and folders as you want. After that close the Windows 10 Startup folder.

► When you start your computer next time, the programs, files and folders which you put in the Startup folder would open automatically and would continue to open automatically each time after you start the computer.

► If you want to stop a program, file or folder from launching automatically on computer startup then simply delete that program, file or folder from the Startup folder.

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