iOS 13 is expected to be released this coming September and there’s a bit of hype around the major release. There are a swag of new features and changes focused around making your iPhone faster with improved performance along with many usability and privacy improvements.

Improved Performance

Apple is putting a major focus on this update into improvements in performance, especially when it comes to using the IOS on the older devices.  Apple claims that Facial recognition faster will be 30-% faster, apps will be  50% smaller and update 60% smaller so they will be quicker to download.  With small er apps will also see app launch speed becoming twice as fast. This is great for people out there that hold off installing updates on their older devices in fear that their device will be slower

iOS Dark mode
iOS dark mode

New Dark mode

New dark mode looks amazing and will be one of the most anticipated changes in the new update.  Typically the norm is black on white and this was considered easiest to read especially at night, but this is found not to be the case.  Using a dark mode theme can bring more out of colours on the screen and can be easier to read.  Dark mode can be turned on within the control centre.   If you like how it is and do not want to change then you can keep as is or you might want to put a timer on so that dark mode will activate at night when it will have the best optimisation.

New Swiping keyboard

Apple is updating their default keyboard with a new swiping function which they are calling the “Qick Path” keyboard. It may take time to get used to but it will basically allow you type and slide to the next letter without the need for you finger to leave the screen.

Mail app improvements

The Mail gets a much need update from the old mail app that lacks in the editing department.  =The new mail app will include some editing features that you find on your desktop, including alignment options and rich font options

Photo editing

Apple are constantly improving the quality with their camera so they are putting the same amount of effort into improving photo editing features and camera functionality. But wait for it, now for the first time the same editing that can be done on photos can now be performed on videos which is a great feature to get excited about.

New Siri voice

There’s a new Siri voice debuting with iOS 13 and it sounds more natural than before and much less like a robot.

Sign in with apple

Apple is taking on Facebook Connect, Google and other platforms that allow you to conveniently sign in to third-party accounts. “Sign-in with Apple” is poised to protect your privacy more than Facebook and Google do. What’s neat is that if you don’t want to fork over your email to an app developer or website, Apple will actually create a unique random email for you, and the email will be unique to that site or app. 


Privacy is big on the agenda with this new update.  Apple realises that allowing apps to have the ability for location tracking is big issue that they can not stop but can but can limit what apps can do.  With the new update apps will only ask you just once for your location. You can also get background tracking alerts. Plus, Apple is trying lock down side doors that use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.


With iOS 13, Messages can automatically share a user’s name and photo, or customised Memoji or Animoji, so you know who is in the Messages thread at a glance. Memoji will be automatically made into sticker packs built into the iOS keyboard, which means they can be used in Messages, Mail and other Apple apps and Memoji are getting new hairstyles, hats, makeup, piercings and accessories to tailor them more closely to how you look.

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