File Types

How to Change a File Association

Many people have different programs on their PC’s that can open the same type of file. For example, you may have 2 different programs have the ability to open/view/edit PDF files. Some of you may prefer one or the other, but for some reason Windows decides to always use the program that you do not prefer to open the file.  This Tech tip will cover file Associations, and how to associate a particular program with a with file type.

A common error we find people encountering is when an icon is blank.  When you see this, the common cause is there is no program associated to the file type.

Editing a File Association

  • Find the file that is not opening with the particular program you want (in this instance we’re using a .MOV), but these steps can be used to alter any type of file.
  • Right click the document, and select Properties
  • At the top, find Opens With: and select Change
  • In this example, we don’t want VLC, we want Windows Media Player – double click the program you want to open by default

For now on, all .MOV files will open with Windows Media Player instead of VLC. Remember, this doesn’t work with just media files, you can follow the same steps to edit any programs file associations.

  • Select OK and you’re finished!

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