Cisco Extension Mobility

If you support a company that uses Cisco Extension mobility then you will at some point come across a phone that will display the message – “No Services Configured” when initiating the login screen to extension mobility. In most cases, the issue can be easily resolved by simply subscribing the phone or device profile to the extension mobility service. In this article, we will cover further troubleshooting steps you can take on the assumption that Cisco Extension mobility is already set up correctly at your organisation and that you have the basic steps like –

  • configured extension mobility correctly and it work fine on all phones except a problem phone
  • you enable extension mobility for these phones and subscribed to the service
  • Phone is successfully registered with CUCM

There are two possible solutions outside of checking the correct Cisco Extension Mobility set up on your problem phone.

Solution 1

If you are using a Cisco VoIP solution and you come across issues with your Cisco handset not functioning correctly such as not showing your corporate directory, not showing missed/placed calls, and not showing all the available ringtones, or not allowing you to use the extension mobility feature you may need to delete the phone’s trust file.

To do this you will have to enter the settings of the phone and then navigate to “Security Configuration”

Cisco Extension Mobility
The select Trust List
Cisco Extension Mobility

The ITL showed entries with an old CUCM node name.

Cisco Extension Mobility

What you will need to do is delete the ITL file.

You can do this by – ( ” * * #”  > “more” > erase ) to  pull down the new node.

Once you have erased the file, the phone will reboot and the services button now works as expected.

Solution 2

If solution 1 above does not work, then the next step may be to perform a factory reset. Don’t worry, it is not as scary as it sounds. Once the phone reboots, your phone will download the correct settings from your Cisco Call Manager again and register as expected.

Follow the steps below to successfully Factory reset your Cisco IP phone:

  1. Unplug the power cable from the IP phone and then plug it back in.
  2. While the phone is powering up, and before the Speaker button flashes on and off, press and hold the hash # key.
  3. Continue to hold # until each line button (right of the LCD screen) flashes on and off in sequence in orange color.
  4. Now release the hash # key and type the following sequence 123456789*0#

After the sequence has been entered the line buttons on the phone flash orange, then green and the phone goes through the factory reset process. This process can take several minutes and the firmware of the IP Phone will be erased. Once complete, the extension mobility feature will then be available.

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