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I recently sat my CCNP 300-115 – Switch exam. I spent months taking notes on all of the important information needed to pass the exam. This study guide focuses on all things related to CDP and LLDP.

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  • CDP uses TLV to advertise the native vlan
  • CDP is supported on frame relay sub interfaces
  • Link Layer Discovery Protocol – vendor neutral protocol
  • CDP version 2 provides enhanced reporting options
  • To activate CDP – Globally – cdp run Interface – cdp enable
  • LLDP-MED – is an extension to LLDP that operates between endpoint devices and network devices
  • CDP messages contain information on Native VLAN Ids, Port duplex, hardware platform.
  • LLDP cannot provide information about VTP
  • Default interval in which cdp sends advertisements – 60 seconds
  • CDP enabled by default – disabled by the no cdp run command globally
  • LLDP – mandatory TLVs – System capability TLV, System name TLV
  • CDP version 2 carries native vlan information.  CDP v1 doesn’t
  • LLDP global state disabled and interface state enabled
  • LLDP time <secs> – command to set the interval for LLDP
  • LLDP – frame has destination MAC address, frame has CRC
  • CDP – feature carries information about the voice vlan to a Cisco phone
  • LLDP is disabled globally by default, the LLDP interface state is disabled
  • TLVs that are mandatory in an LLDP message – Port ID and Chassis ID
  • 6 optional TLVs- Port description, System name, System description, System capabilities, Management address, Specific TLVs
  • 4 mandatory TLVs – end of LDPDU, Chasis id, port id, time to live
  • 2 organisationally specific TLV – Port vlan id tlv, MAC/ PHY configuration / status tlv
  • 2 advantages of LLDP over CDP – supports topology change notification, supports vendor agnostic
  • Command  that can cause LLDP to accept LLDP packets but not send – no LLDP transmit
  • Switches can run LLDP and CDP simultaneously
  • Devices with LLDP configured send advertisements messages to a multicast address on a periodic basis
  • CDP default interval – 60 seconds
  • LLDP – standards based protocol
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