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If you support an environment where Cisco Jabber is used then one feature that can be very useful is the built-in screen share feature. If you find that Cisco Jabber screen share fails to operate with the following error message – “Failed to join share – Could not connect to the remote host”, I would like to share with you the solution.

The solution to Jabber Screen Share Issue

To resolve this issue there are two requirements. Firstly, and most importantly, you need to check to make sure BFCP is enabled on the SIP Profile that is used on the phone profile or CSF profile. Secondly, the appropriate firewall ports need to be opened to allow for desktop sharing traffic.

Enable BFCP

The first thing you should check is the SIP profile for that device profile or CSFProfile that is in use. SIP profile for if that is a truck, and check Enterprise to make sure BFCP is enabled.

On the CUCM Admin page –

1. Enable desktop sharing on the SIP Profile for the appropriate CSF devices. To do that

  – Select Device >Device Settings >SIP Profile

– Select the appropriate SIP profile

– In the Trunk Specific Configuration section, select Allow Presentation Sharing Using BFCP

– Select Save

2. Apply the SIP profile to the appropriate CSF devices as follows:    

– Select Device > Phone on an individual device.    

– Use the Bulk Administration Tool for multiple devices.

What is BFCP?

Binary Floor Control Protocol (BFCP) provides video desktop sharing capabilities for software phone devices, also known as CSF devices. Cisco Unified Communications Manager handles the BFCP packets that users transmit when using video desktop sharing capabilities. On Cisco Unified Communications Manager version 9.0(1) and later, BFCP presentation sharing is automatically enabled. For this reason, you do not need to perform any steps to enable video desktop sharing on CSF devices.

Allow Firewall ports.

If the first step in this solution does not resolve the issue then you may need to look at the firewall set-up and ensure that the correct ports are opened.

The following ports must be allowed for Voice or Video Media Exchange

16384 to 32766RTP/SRTPUDPCisco Unified Communications Manager media port range used for audio, video, and BFCP video desktop share.
33434 to 33598RTP/SRTPUDPCisco Hybrid Services (Jabber to Jabber calling) media port range used for audio and video.
49152 to 65535RDPTCPIM-only desktop share. Applies to Cisco Jabber for Windows only.
8000RTP/SRTPTCPUsed by Jabber Desk Phone Video Interface, allows users to receive video transmitted to their desk phone devices on their computers through the client.

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