Surface pro boot from usb

Recently I had some grief trying to boot a brand new Microsoft Surface Pro from a USB disk.  Hope these Tips will help troubleshoot if you face similar issues.

  • The Surface Pro is a UEFI based system which means it doesn’t use the traditional BIOS as a means for its computer’s firmware to talks with the operating system. UEFI requires that the boot files reside on FAT32 partition. Ensure that you boot disk is on a FAT32 partition. You can use a tool called Rufus to ensure that the disk is created correctly
  • Surface Pros will only supportĀ 64bit version of Windows, so it is only possible to boot from a 64bit windows image or repair disk boot successfully
  • Disable secure boot in the BIOS of the device to do the OS install (and re-enable it after the install is done)
  • If you are trying to boot your surface pro from USB check the size of your USB disk. It is recommended that you use an 8 or 16GB simply due to the size of the windows 10 image files but can be bigger. Do not go more than 32GB due to the fact that fat32 has a restriction of a maximum of 32GB partition size.

How to Start the Surface Pro 4 in UEFI mode.

  • Turn off the Surface Pro 4 (hold down the power button for 15 seconds or shut down safely)
  • Hold down Volume up (+) button
  • Press the Power on button for a second
  • When the Surface Pro 4 logo appears release your finger from the Volume up button (+).
  • You will now see the UEFI settings screen appear.

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